Documents and Forms

Below is a brief description and link for the various forms or documents you may need to access.

Horse Sale Guidelines
Horse Sale Consigners: please download and follow our Horse Sale Guidelines. This document provides important information about consigning your horses through Headwaters Livestock.
Montana Department of Livestock "Identification requirement for cattle and domestic bison leaving the DSA" Memo
This new identification requirement for cattle and domestic bison leaving the DSA became effective August 12, 2011. All sexually intact cattle and domestic bison (regardless of age) must be identified with official individual identification prior to leaving the DSA. Please download the memo for information on the requirement in order to avoid any delays at market.
Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) Pamphlet
This "Frequently Asked Questions" pamphlet, dated August 18, 2011 contains general information and recent changes to boundary and identification requirements.
Country of Origin Labeling Affidavit
The country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law has been in effect since September 30, 2008. Under the law, packers, and retailers are required to label certain meat products with their country of origin. Producers and marketing businesses must declare the origin of their cattle, sheep & goats when sold. Headwaters Livestock LLC has affidavits available on the check-in tickets, in the office and online.
Equine Information Document
The EID is only required for horses that will enter a slaughter establishment in Canada.

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