About Us

Auctions create competition, and in the end a better price for the producer — whether it be jewels, the best land, or the best livestock. How do they get the highest value? They sell at auctions. Price discovery comes through competition.

If a producer wants to sell his cattle, he is going to find the services at Headwaters Livestock Auction unrivaled throughout the rest of the country. From a rancher’s perspective, there isn’t anything like an auction. Many producers have found that they don’t just get $1 or $2, but $10 more per hundred for their cattle when they are well-sorted and presented in front of the buyers.

That’s what we do at Headwaters Livestock Auction — we get the best price for the producers. Our friendly staff of livestock marketing experts have both the know-how and the connections with buyers across the United States.

Headwaters Livestock, located in Three Forks, Montana holds cattle sales every Monday and horse sales as announced. Special feeder, stock cow and sheep sales are hosted in season.

We strive to work for the producer by providing clean and safe pens, good feed, water, careful handling and expert sorting to ensure that the livestock brings top dollar.

Headwaters Livestock is now selling STUR-D Livestock Equipment Products – come visit the Sale Barn to view a catalog.

Stop by and meet our staff or give us a call at (406) 285-0502. See our map if you need directions.

silhouette of cattle and grass